895438_large LM070 – Angelo Draetta feat. Kristina Prokic “Here To Stay”

896404_large LM069 – Angelo Draetta feat. Monae Miller “All That Matters”

885017_large LM063 – Angelo Draetta “There’S A Brighter Day”

878535_large LM062 – Angelo Draetta feat. La Rocio “Something Real”

877109_large            LM061 – Angelo Draetta “Where Are You At, My Heart ?”

869945_large        LM059  – Angelo Draetta feat. Sandra Bullet “Don’t Let This Feeling Go Away”

857916_large LM058 – Angelo Draetta “You Are Everything”

885312_large LM064 – Angelo Draetta & Luigi Egitto “1992”

845887_large LM057 – Angelo Draetta “Don’t Stop This Groove”

833520_large LM056 – Angelo Draetta feat. Monae Miller “I Believe You”

Foto 15-09-17, 18 20 55 LM054 – Angelo Draetta feat. Sandra Bullet “Liberdade”

816599_large LM053 – Angelo Draetta “Never Divide”

815742_large LM052 – Angelo Draetta “The Sun Will Rise”

815710_large LM051 – Angelo Draetta feat. Aliz Smith “Foolish Man”

Foto 24-08-17, 10 12 15 LM049 – Angelo Draetta feat. Yasmin Palmer “You’re Enoguh”

814055_large LM048 – Angelo Draetta feat. Monae Miller “Emotions”

903071_large TRR002 – Angelo Draetta “Watching Stars”

913431_large EM146 Bruno Kauffmann feat. Karla Brown (Angelo Draetta – Lounge mix)


814055_large LM055 – Chanelle “Forever” (inc. Alex Millet + Angelo Draetta mixes)

814055_large LM047 – Angelo Draetta feat. Aliz Smith “Shine On Me”

814055_large LM045 – Angelo Draetta “Nothing To Fear”

814055_large LM050 – Angelo Draetta feat. Richelle Hicks “Love Is Calling”

802345_large LM043 – Angelo Draetta “A New Way”

Foto 06-08-17, 14 17 36 LM046 – Angelo Draetta feat. Tommie Cotton “I Trust You” remixes

792607_large LM040 – Angelo Draetta & Sanna Vaarna “Con Te” feat. Rescue Poetix

Foto 29-06-17, 13 02 52 LM039 – Angelo Draetta “Wanna Move On”

Untitled 1 LM038 Angelo Draetta & Luigi Egitto “Feel The Sky” feat. Grean Tea The Artist

Untitled 2 LM036 Bonetti & Angelo Draetta “What We Love”

Untitled 6 LM033  – Angela Anderle as Angel Life “What Is Life” (Angelo Draetta original mix)

Foto 18-04-17, 14 10 54 LM032 – Angelo Draetta “Watch Me Dance”

cover LM025 – Angelo Draetta feat. Raye Cole “Straight To The Heart”

Untitled 2 LM024 – Angelo Draetta feat. Aliz Smith “My Flow”

Untitled 1 LM022 – Angelo Draetta feat. Richelle Hicks “Cried When I Left”

1 LM020 – Angelo Draetta feat. Jenny Cruz “Sweet Love”

foto-31-01-17-22-58-45 LM017B – Angelo Draetta feat. Curtis Clark “Where Do You Go”

untitled-11 LM016 – SoliDeep & TimAdeep feat. Richelle Hicks “Don’t Push Me Away” (inc. Angelo Draetta remix).

cover-lm015 LM015 – Angelo Draetta feat. Karla Brown “New Morning Sun”

 GMD009 – Soulful Junior feat. Richelle Hicks “I Want You” (inc.. Angelo Draetta remix)

730287_large BLM050 – IQ Musique feat. Richelle Hicks “Give To Me” (inc. Angelo Draetta remix)


3608-348763_600 DA078 – Angelo Draetta & Bonetti  “Feeling My Soul”

foto-28-10-16-14-26-46 LM013 – Angelo Draetta feat. Richelle Hicks “Work It Out”

file-20-10-16-17-39-08 LM012 – Angelo Draetta feat. Bibi Provence “Time”

file-07-10-16-10-11-29 LM011 – Angelo Draetta feat. Kimicoh “Never Give Up”

img_7863 LM010 – Angelo Draetta feat. Phillip Ramirez “Hold On”

img_7529 LM009 – D.Pastler feat. LaVoyce “Deep Outta Space” (Angelo Draetta remix)

 LM007 – Angelo Draetta feat. Tommie Cotton “I Trust You”

cover layout LM005 – Angelo Draetta “Everybody Now!”

cover LM003 – Angelo Draetta “Feel So Groovy”

13152794_1595119297466415_1807880646_n Manyoma – Angelo Draetta “Wings”

545871_large SV008 – Daniel Brooks – “Sample&Hold”  (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

568101_large  AM060 – Bonetti – Lose My Mind EP (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 TQ016 – Emde – Rosicurcian EP (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)


505255_large Moulton Music 066 – Gelly Kusuma “Adroit EP” (incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

12345473_776964802432557_6628065502974267316_n SP Recordings 094 – Angelo Draetta & Luigi Egitto “The Sun Goes”

11745633_710901072372264_1659660163897801922_n SP Recordings 090 – Angelo Draetta & Luigi Egitto “The Crunch / Frozen Eyes”

11089094_994477730563372_9901127_o  HSR Records 046 – Angelo Draetta feat. Alessandra Valenzano “Sunset EP”

10996095_10204820503126309_4164296281333589372_nDifferent Attitudes 057 – Angelo Draetta & Bonetti “Morning Disorder EP”

461406_large Savoir Faire Musique – Luigi Egitto feat. Cristina Nicolardi “Bahia” (Angelo Draetta remix)

MANYOMA COVER Manyoma Records 077 – Angelo Draetta “Sigh”

unnamed Manyoma Records 048 – Demarkus Lewis “Inside Urself” (Angelo Draetta & Bonetti InDuo remix)

10668121_1430491610595852_458725543_n Manyoma Records 042 – Angelo Draetta feat. Sanna Hartfield “Deal With Darlings”

10897868_932397643439219_3876675273203413763_n Manyoma Records 025 – Angelo Draetta feat. Cedric Le Noir “Into Feelings”

PR2015162 Piston Recordings 162 – Angelo Draetta & Gianni Alessandrelli “Kale Polis”

2908-244664_600Talk Musique 015 – Angelo Draetta “Square And Compasses EP”

COVER WHAP What Happens 100 – V/A Album (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Silvestro S “Round & Round”)

10822249_10203098554290902_171511671_n Prismat Recordinds 010 – V/A Impression VOL.2 (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Silvestro S “Connection People”)

12430410 eMBI 039A – Michael Cliffor “Depolog” EP (incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

478620_large HouseTripRecordings 013 – Chris Carini & Danny Deep – Head Frogs (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)


she-goes-ep-950x950 Supervision Records 002 – Angelo Draetta “She Goes EP”

20140330-211730.jpgSavoir Faire Musique 077 – Angelo Draetta “Sklepie / Up The Line”

344719_largeSavoir Faire Musique 092 – C.Dewell & M.Casebolt / Need Your Reputation EP (Angelo Draetta remixes)

cover eMBi Music 020 – Angelo Draetta “Got Everything EP”

ELEG114  Elegant Bit 114 – Angelo Draetta “Outside The Floor”

20140330-212529.jpgElegant Bit 100 – Angelo Draetta “The Wall”

63969_981143411900004_4732694573571045570_n KES014 – V/A Many Sides Two (Incl. Angelo Draetta – Mess At Resturant)

8918051KES Records 009 – Angelo Draetta & Kaiserbeat “Union Range”

20140330-212200.jpgLeftyMood records 004 – Angelo Draetta “24 Hours”

10522907 Esclama!022 – Puce feat. Ariivi “Just Us Two” (Incl. ANGELO DRAETTA / Miami Ice / Carlo Gambino remixes)

8890938 CD COMPILATION KaRavan – Utopia, Vol. 8 (Compiled by Pierre Ravan) incl. Sisio “New Life” [Angelo Draetta remix]

10608685 V/A Onward Recordings – Incl. “Wanna Move” (Original Mix)


em047 EscapismMusique 047 –  Angelo Draetta “Hurting The Heart”

398322_469293456448630_1818384667_n Savoir Faire Musique 044 Angelo Draetta “Shot The Rim”

7326888 Back And Forth 028 V/A Love Letters From Venice 3 – Incl. Angelo Draetta “Ratatouille” (Original Mix)

8519562Audio Safari 025 V/A Family EP Vol.1 – Incl. Angelo Draetta “Make It Square” (Original Mix)

7370677 KES Records 007 V/A Many Sides – Incl. Angelo Draetta “Funky Angler” (Original Mix)

537151_4233979819712_1653623495_n Talk Musique 010 V/A 001 – Incl. Angelo Draetta “Raw Track” (Original Mix)

8699041 eMBi Music 025 Kaiserbeat “Your Time” (incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

28014_10200144684963902_1803642266_n eMBi Music 006 V/A Deep Artists Sampler Vol.1 – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Silvestro S “It’s Too Much” (Original Mix)

481448_10200849348103429_457509355_n Keep On Limited 002 – Ko Tune feat Giacomo Lapati  “Olive EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

426552_4946000921748_795800286_n Headset Recordings  – Massi Digital “Late Night Ride” (incl. Angelo Draetta edit)

8028916 Conya Records – Sisio “Birth Of The Stars” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

7947837 Family Matters – 2Dave “Eclipse EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

20140330-213157.jpg Deep Inside 008 Refresh “Unconditional Love” (incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

26321_4968599766404_1213481927_n DeepDeparment 004 Silvestro S – “Elef” (incl. Angelo Draetta remix)


 Lost My Dog 059 V/A Sonar Musica 012 – Incl. Angelo Draetta “Don’t Get It” (Original Mix)

 Escapism Musique 040 V/A Summer Comp VOL2  – Incl. Francesco Altavilla & Angelo Draetta “Me And You” (Original Mix)

 Escapism Musique Best003 V/A Three Years Of Escapism Musique – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki “On The Right Way (Fog&Arara remix)

label s blu Kes Records 005 Angelo Draetta “Traffic Lights” (Incl. Rhadow remix)

 Black & White Orange records 052 Angelo Draetta & Francesco Altavilla “Keep Stronger” (Incl. Philipp Ort remix)

 Be Free 003 Gianluca Corvesi & Sehja “Chasing Your Star” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Phaze 012 Angelo Draetta & Francesco Altavilla “The Sense EP”

 Four Fingers Hand 017 Angelo Draetta “South Pole ” (Incl.Konstress , Roberto Parisi remixes)

 Four Fingers Hand 013 Adapter “September In Love” (Incl.Angelo Draetta remix)

 Talk Musique 008 Davide De Michele & Gabry Dee ” Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

  Talk Musique 002 Angelo Draetta “Red Cross Of Constantine” (Incl. Philipp Ort, Antonio Del Prete remixes)

 Nature Beat 007 Jamahr “Mu De Toi” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Audio Safari 003 Angelo Draetta & Francesco Altavilla “Hot Places EP”

  Tanzbar0 78 Thomas A.S. “Wonderful In Your Eyes” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Polar Noise 042 Thomas A.S. “Wasabi EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Medicine Musique 024 Thomas A.S. “They Are Looking For Something” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

5296877 eMBi Music 001 Molisans Brothers “Laughing EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Klever 009 Phonic.Lab “The Elephant Walk” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 KeepOn Records 108 V/A Kreeps VOL 8 – Incl. Angelo Draetta  “Nice Luv” (Original Mix)

 KeepOn Records  K014 Winter Selection – Incl. Nicola Martorano & Gianni Zanforlin  “Untrusted” (Angelo Draetta & Fabio Nelson remix)

 Elegant Bit 062 V/A Italianstyle VOL.1 – Incl. Angelo Draetta “There Is No Escape” (Original Mix)

 Itom Records 013 Moti Brothers “Deep In My Mind” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)


 Escapism Musique 030 V/A Summer Comp VOL1 – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki “What A Beautifull Day” (Original Mix)

 Escapism Musique 023 Angelo Draetta & Maiki “On The Right Way EP”  [Incl. Fog&Arara , Larsen & Luca Marano , Mindhacker remixes]

 Abstract Theory 007 V/A Abstract Selection 1  – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maini “Detroits House” (Original Mix) and Angelo Draetta & Maiki “Black Swan” (Original Mix)

 Elite Records 090 V/A Brisa De Verano – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Fabio Nelson “Cubes Unfrequences” (Original Mix)

 Potobolo Records 067 Simone Godenzi “Invicta”(Incl. Angelo Draetta&Maiki  remix)

 Fontek 008 Angelo Draetta & Alessandro Baldoria “No More EP”

 Wentz 007 Summer Season Part 2 – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Alessandro Baldoria “Pita” (Original Mix)

 Elegant Bit 042 Dani Sarasola “Tenerife Groovy EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Elegant Bit 041 Angelo Draetta “And Just” (Incl. Ronan Portela remix)

 Elegant Bit 040 Alessandro Baldoria “We Like” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Loca 001 Luca Albano “Migros” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 Keep On Records 079 Nicola Martorano “Anime EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Fabio Nelson remix)

 Keep On Records 053 Simine Rosso “Long Beat” (Incl. Angelo Draetta remix)

 KeepOn Records 051 Angelo Draetta “You Are In My Soul”

 Aurour Records 004 Raffa FL & Kid Mark “Clap Back EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Fabio Nelson remix)

 Reisei Records 029 Davide Vario “Micha EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Fabio Nelson remix)

 Reisei Records 021 Mariano Mateljan “Like This EP” (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki remix)

 Prospect Records 006 Simone Cristini “Marpiosa Loca” (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki remix)

 Urban Sound 029 Alex Gori & Deehat “Your Love” (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki remix)

 My Little Dog 031 V/A My Little Puppies Days – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Fabio Nelson “Straight Ability” (Original Mix)

 Hustler Muzik 005 Angelo Draetta & Fabio Nelson “Timez EP” (Incl. Luca Morini,Astin remixes)

 Microtech Records 022 Elchinsoul “My Baby Swing” (Incl. Maiki & Angelo Draetta remix)


VIVa Music 065 V/A Crowed Places EP – Incl. Maiki & Angelo Draetta “All Night Long” (Original Mix)

Escapism Musique 020 V/A Various Artists  #2 – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki “Clap Your Hands” (Original Mix)

 Natura Viva 007 V/A Fuoco – Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki “Point Of View” (Original Mix)

 Trend Records 005 – Matteo Collina “After Hour” (Incl. Angelo Draetta & Maiki remix)

 Reload014 – Angelo Draetta & Julian Mc Cain ” Only Friends EP”

 KeepOn Records 048 V/A Kpreeps #1 – Incl. Angelo Draetta “The Train Of Love” (Original Mix)