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Angelo Draetta featuring Curtis Clark “Where do you go” (Leda Music )

Hot on the heels of the wonderful laidback “Don’t push me away” by SoliDeep & TimADeep and songstress Richelle Hicks comes the next soulful bomb on Leda Music, the magnificent “Where do you go” by Angelo Draetta and vocalist Curtis Clark. “Where do you go” is smooth and soulful yet tempting, with an irresistibly thumpin’ organic backing laying the foundation for illustrious keys and the distinctive deeply felt vocals of Curtis Clark.




SoliDeep & TimADeep featuring Richelle Hicks “Don’t push me away” (Leda Music CD )
Forthcoming on Leda Music is “Don’t push me away” by SoliDeep and TimADeep, a wonderful laidback production featuring the distinct tempting vocals of Richelle Hicks alongside warm melodious keys, ethereal chords and gentle afro-percussive rhythms. Angelo Draetta is turning the heat up on his fierce interpretation laced with grand jazzy piano, inebriant chords and a relentlessly thumpin’ backdrop.

Traxsource link:  http://www.traxsource.com/track/4128978/dont-push-me-away-angelo-draetta-remix




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Angelo Draetta featuring Richelle Hicks “Work it out”
Italian DJ/producer Angelo Draetta continues to serve nothing but top-notch soulful house music through Leda Music, this time around collaborating with singer Richelle Hicks. Together they present “Work it out”, an inspiring slice of soulful goodness using a captivating backdrop as playground for catchy guitar riffs, delectable keys and Richelle Hicks distinctive vocals. Nuff said…


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Angelo Draetta feat. Bibi Provence (Leda Music 012)


Italian DJ/producer Angelo Draetta has been on a roll recently, blessing us with one fantastic vocal gem after another. His latest collaboration “Time” with Bibi Provence is no exception, with an utterly contaminous funked-up backdrop leading the way for grandiose jazzy keys and Bibi Provence’s unmistakable passionate vocals. Jam-packed floors guaranteed…



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Leda Music 011
Angelo Draetta feat. Kimicoh “Never Give Up”

Following up his recent successful collaboration with Phillip Ramirez and Tommie Cotton, Italian DJ/producer Angelo Draetta joins forces with vocalist Kimicoh to once again grace us with a slice of top-notch soulful house music. “Never give up” features Kimicoh’s unmistakable sultry vocals alongside glamorous keys and old school inspired organic rhythms, altogether spreading an entrancing feel guaranteed to cast a spell on you.





Angelo Draetta feat. Phillip Ramirez “Hold On”

Italy’s Angelo Draetta returns to Leda Music with “Hold on”, a collaboration with legendary vocalist Phillip Ramirez – Entertainer . To cut right to the chase, “Hold on” is an energetic feel-good affair sure to send the dancers into a frenzy, with the inimitable falsetto vocals of Phillip Ramirez being accompanied by warm melodious keys, wicked guitars and a vibrant utterly contaminous backdrop.