Spirit Of House REVIEW:
Angelo Draetta “There’s a brighter day” (Leda Music)

Leda Music continue to grace us with the perfect soundtrack for the summer season with the latest offering by Angelo Draetta. Not much needs to be said or written about “There’s a brighter day” other than the relentlessly thumpin’ organic backdrop together with the delectable jazzy keys, gorgeous saxophone and alluring female vocals is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and get your feet movin’…





New release ,new vibes and singer on Leda Music. Angelo Draetta present new single titled “Something Real” featuring La Rocio. Pure Soulful tune with energy piano , vibraphone, carismatich vocals and bassline.



Bruno Kauffmann & Karla Brown ´My Time` Remixes1
1. My Time (H@K Remix)
2. My Time (Angelo Draetta Remix)
Written by Bruno Kauffmann & Karla Brown
Track 1: Additional Remix by H@K
Track 2: Additional Remix by Angelo Draetta
Produced by Bruno Kauffman
Vocals by Karla Brown
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Demo: epoque_music@hotmail.com
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